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Overview of feasible pore diameters and lattice constants for high-ordered alumina (SmartPor) and silicon (MakroPor)

SmartMembranes produces macro- und nanoporous structures from silicon and alumina

Our standard products SmartPor and MakroPor show a high-ordered structure with a low standard deviation in the pore diameter. The structure parameters, such as the pore size, the lattice constant, the porosity and the membranes thickness can be adjusted to the customer's needs.

We can customize our products according to the requirements of our customers within a joint development. One part can be e.g, the silanization which allows hydrophoby/hydrophily of the pores.

The membranes can be used as templates for the creation if nanostructures. The galvanic deposition of metals or metal oxides as well as polymer wetting allow the approach towards novel nanotubes and nano bars,

Possible applications are found in the fields of filtration, sensor technology and diagnistics (biochips). They can be implemented in gas and liquid filtration, as well as as safety membrane against contamination (dust, bacteria, viruses). By the means of defined surface functionalization the membres are used for micro reactors or catalysts.